a video game that’s not based around a slightly-rugged white dude yelling hoarsely about revenge and shooting things

straight white gamer dudes:


Hi there. White gamer dude. Straight.

The Walking Dead by Telltale Games centers around African American Lee Everret, well…

Don’t reblog things from me again, “White gamer dude, Straight”. Don’t waste my time. Don’t come on my blog. Don’t bring your ignorant whining to my doorstep. Just fuck right off.

For the hate it’s going to get me, I regret reblogging a second time. You saw straight white gamer dude and assumed I’m ignorant? Not a glance at my blog, not a glance at the rest of what I wrote?

I’m pro equality, but I’m not pro “white people can just go straight to hell,” because that is not equality. Assuming that all white people are ignorant is not equality. I apologize for channeling the pent up offense I feel towards the posts I’ve seen that are worse than this simple statement of white and straight males being ignorant and racist and whiny, but there’s a broken piece in the method of tumblr’s ideals of equality.

Equality is the idea that everyone is human and deserves to be treated as such. Be you gay or straight or pansexual or cissexual or trans or black or white or Asian or European or Hispanic or whatever else, you deserve basic human rights. In fact, not even human rights, sentient rights, because there are people who classify as animals out there.

It is not okay to assume that everyone of a particular group is exactly like the people of that group that you have experienced. There are areas where the majority of white people are racist, but there are also areas where the majority of black people are racist. There area where the majority of Hispanic people are racist.

But that is human. A bad quality of human. Racism is a reason to judge, not the fact that you see me saying I’m a white gamer and classify my entire post as whiny and ignorant.

Did you read the post? Or did you read “White gamer dude. Straight.”

Maybe the fact I live in an area where everyone is okay with everyone is the reason I’m not able to comprehend why we can’t all just accept that we’re all sentient, all capable of feeling hurt, and all deserve to be treated equally. All. Not just one group of people.

Every. fucking. one.

I am sincerely sorry if your life experience has been with white people who are full of hatred; not everyone is like that. And I am sorry if this somehow is perceived as ignorant by you, because I’m speaking from my experience rather than yours. Where I’ve grown up is diverse; it’s diverse enough that people have come out to their teachers in the middle of class because they felt confident enough to do so because Not Every Single Human Being Besides the Ones you Like are Assholes.

Everyone is human, everyone deserves to be treated as such. 

I have nothing against you; I feel that it is royally fucked up that so many people are pushing for reversed racism and reversed sexism, have proposed the slaughter of straight people, cissexual people, white people, and so forth. Just the same as it’s fucked up people propose the slaughter of LGBT people and other races. Just as it is fucked up that people- white and black alike- got up in arms over a Coca-Cola commercial. Humanity as a whole needs to move past this, not reverse it back at a new generation. That is backwards progression.

I encourage you to follow this post back to see everything of the four forms of the post before me.

Now. I have a bit of a problem here as well. When it comes down to it, even science shows that there isn’t an difference at all between the races of human. White, Black, Hispanic, Asian. Nothing at all. This whole planet is compromised of a group of conscious beings. These conscious beings (should in theory) live with the beings that aren’t so self-aware in peace. But in order to live in peace with the animals, we (the conscious beings) must coincide with each other first. Right? Now. The only difference at all really of these conscious beings (lets call them, oh, I don’t know.. Humans?) is the gender deal. the difference is that of an X chromosome versus a Y chromosome. Yeah. Ok. So There are two parts of this race. This HUMAN race. But honestly. One part cant live without the other. Literally. We would go extinct without these two parts. Humans can’t be asexual. We can choose to be Homosexual, or Bisexual, or what ever else. But its all down to the point. Neither side of this single race could be here without heterosexual (or at least two opposite gendered Bisexuals) reproduction. So hey. You can love whoever you want. But don’t hate on any heterosexuals. Actually. Don’t hate on anybody. Honestly. We’re one single Race. We have two parts, but that’s ok, because if we didn’t have both sides, we wouldn’t even be here. So. Can we just put this White vs. Black vs. Hispanic vs. etc and Man vs Woman bullshit behind? We could advance so much more if we did. Come on. lets put our differences behind us and act the way we should. Like The Human Race.